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<!– You may use any amount of the following DIVs on your page –>

<!– Application data pie chart –>
<div class=”cloudtrax-ApplicationPieChart”></div>

<!– Application data sortable table –>
<div class=”cloudtrax-ApplicationTable”></div>

<!– Network usage histogram –>
<div class=”cloudtrax-NetworkHistogram”></div>

<!– Network map –>
<div class=”cloudtrax-NetworkMap”></div>

<!– Access point sortable table –>
<div class=”cloudtrax-NodeTable”></div>

<!– Access point sortable table with some columns removed for compactness –>
<div class=”cloudtrax-NodeTableCompact”></div>

<!– Client sortable table –>
<div class=”cloudtrax-ClientTable”></div>

<!– Site survey sortable table –>
<div class=”cloudtrax-SurveyTable”></div>